SAI is a leading company in the design and production technology of crankshaft radial piston hydraulic motors.


The values behind SAI’s success are based on the company’s employees and their spirit of initiative, innovation and the search for original solutions, independence and a passion for the global market


SAI’s strengths are:

  • Unique technology in the field of transforming hydraulic power into mechanical power, based on crankshaft structures and swivelling cylinders which offer unbeatable efficiency and controllability;   
  • An international team which has managed to pre-empt the challenges of globalisation and expand the business worldwide;   
  • An extensive sales network with partnerships that have existed for over forty years;
  • Strategic partnerships with the aim of development and the introduction of technological innovations which represent turning points and new touchstones in the world of hydraulic motor design and manufacture;   
  • Independence and a long-term vision which enable the conclusion of investment plans and developments without being subjected to strict financial terms.   
We are ISO 9001:2008

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SAI’s vision involves strengthening its position as a global leader in the sector of crankshaft radial piston motors with swivelling cylinders. SAI aims to offer technological solutions which can guarantee unbeatable efficiency and controllability. SAI hopes to achieve strong, sustainable, long-term growth.


SAI’s range of products includes radial piston hydraulic motors for a wide variety of engine displacements, as well as valves, brakes, gearboxes and electronic controls connected to motors for the construction of drive units.


The three distinguishing elements of SAI’s technology are crankshafts, swivelling cylinders and  continuous displacement variation. These three elements form the basis for the extremely high levels of efficiency and controllability found in SAI’s motors.


The services that SAI offers its customers include the possibility of developing joint projects, customisation of existing products, the start-up of prototype machines with the aim of calibrating the machine’s performance prior to mass production, troubleshooting and the resolution of problems in the field, supplying spare parts, analysis and repair following a breakdown, and the extension of guarantees for new and repaired products.


Over the years, SAI has registered numerous patents for highly innovative performance and application technical solutions. Constant research into improved performance, greater compactness and better functionality has resulted in technical solutions which have changed market standards all over the world.


The SAI group has one of the best research and development centres in Europe. For more than thirty years, the objective of the research and development team at the centre has been to achieve a more in-depth knowledge of motors and valve-motor-brake-gearbox groups in order to improve performance and provide the best possible simulation of the applicative conditions which they will be subjected to when they are installed in customers’ machines. The 20 test benches are able to generate up to 20,000 test hours per year. The centre is also equipped with a specialized tribological analysis section.  It has equipment that enables it to carry out geometrical modifications on prototypes extremely quickly, in addition to metallurgical alterations, thanks to a simple heat treatment system.


SAI carries out constant training activities for its staff, with the aim of improving knowledge and therefore working performance, in order to guarantee the best possible service for SAI customers. Training takes place both “on the job”, with staff learning new techniques as they work, and by means of specialised training sessions, both in Italy and abroad. In 2014 the average number of training hours per employee was 15, with an overall total of 4500 hours of training.


The SAI Group has 8 manufacturing plants in 5 countries and 4 continents.  10 SAI companies carry out their commercial activities directly in 10 countries on 5 different continents. In addition to the main research centre, a second technological development centre is currently being set up.  Worldwide, the group employs 300 people, 50% of whom are based in Europe, and 35% in Asia. The SAI Group has an important distribution network which is able to cover 80 countries around the world, with 120 main distributors and numerous partner companies which provide local product support.
This structure enables excellent logistic services, thereby guaranteeing fast deliveries and technical support which is always on hand for customers.


The activity of the SAI Group is constantly monitored using system indicators which track company performance. Customer satisfaction is carefully evaluated by means of specific activities, with the aim of determining how to improve services and establish the course of company and product development according to the latest market trends. SAI has always carried out joint development activities together with its strategic suppliers, establishing longstanding partnerships which guarantee quality, innovation and the creation of reliable solutions for every specific requirement. Working together with these partners, projects are continuously under way with the goal of improving quality, service and the efficiency of production processes.


SAI motors are currently used by top machinery producers all over the world.
The application fields for SAI’s motors range from agriculture to shipbuilding, from drilling to earthmoving, as well as applications in the fields of oil & gas (both offshore and onshore) and renewable energies, in addition to steelworks, machines for plastic and systems for the handling of nuclear products.


SAI aims to continue working towards the development of cutting edge technology and the improvement of customer services, in order to maintain its top level of excellence.  Over the next few years, SAI is planning to consolidate its global presence as a way of increasing local support for manufacturers of machines and equipment. Operational activities will be subject to constant improvements, as the company’s main objective is to achieve operational excellence and innovative processes, at the same time as maintaining the operational flexibility which SAI has always been known for. The SAI staff will be the keystone of this development, as a fundamental resource for the company’s success.
At SAI, we have half a century of innovation and specialisation behind us, and half a century of expansion and success ahead of us!


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