The term cookie indicates a small text file, used to store short information relative to the navigation in a particular website, which will be installed on your device when you sign in.

When you visit the site again, cookies will be resubmitted to the site that created them (first party cookies) or to those provided by third parties able to recognize them (third party cookies).

SAI S.p.a. intends to reassure you about the safety of cookies on their web site: they will not harm in any way your device, but will allow you to navigate faster, providing you a better experience.

If we were to forward you more information, such as for advertising purposes, we will require in advance your explicit consent, which you can express through the mechanisms described below.

The following information will help you better understand the types of cookies installed on the site, in order to facilitate the management of your preferences about their use.  

  1. Types of cookies used by the website

    The SAI S.p.a. site uses cookies that do not require your consent for their installation (such as technical cookies), and cookies that require your consent in order to be used (such as profiling cookies).

    1. Technical cookies (that do NOT require your consent):

      These cookies are necessary for the functioning of the site and enable you to access its functions (so called navigation cookies) or to authenticate you in the session.

      The use of functional cookies is also provided allowing you to store your preferences and settings, thus improving your surfing experience within the site.

      to ensure their functionality, as a rule these cookies are not deleted when the browser is closed; however, they have a predefined duration (usually up to a maximum of two years) and after this period these cookies are automatically deactivated and the data collected by them man not in any way be used for further purposes.

      The installation of technical cookies is automatically made after site access or to activate certain features (e.g. by selecting the "remember me" option). At any time you can always choose to disable them by changing your browser settings, in which case, however, you may experience some problems when viewing the site.

    2. Analytical cookies

      These cookies keep track of the choices made on the site and of site navigation data in order to perform statistical analysis in an anonymous and aggregate form.

  2. How to disable cookies

    1. First Party cookies - disabling through the browser

      You can choose to allow or reject the installation of cookies also using your browser settings.

      However, not all features of this site may remain operational in the event that one or more technical cookies were disabled: the settings for this choice can be checked and changed in your browser's preferences window. Below is the information about the commonly used browsers:

    2. Third-party analytical cookies and their opt-out links

      The installation of profiling, re-targeting, analytical and social cookies, including all other activities related to them, is run by third-party services. For more information and to enable or disable these cookies, you can access the policies published by these companies through the following links:

      Furthermore, we remind you that the site can be used non only to acquire more information about cookies but also to verify the installation of numerous cookies in your browser/device and, if supported, even to disable them.

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