Our privacy policy pursuant to art. 13 Reg.EU no. 679/2016

SAI S.p.a. collects and uses your personal information when browsing or using the relevant online services on http://www.saispa.com.

By personal data we mean any information that can be used to identify you as an individual.

Our company has always protected the personal data of its customers and guarantees the maximum commitment to process them with care, keep them safe and meet the requirements of the new European Regulation no. 679/2016 (hereinafter "GDPR").

The purpose of this policy is to provide you with a clear and detailed explanation of how, when and why we collect and use your information. It is designed to expose to you in a simple and transparent manner our policy regarding personal data protection and show how you can effectively exercise your rights.

SAI S.p.a. also wants to make sure that you are always aware of every change made to this privacy policy sending an e-mail message to the address you provided us or by posting a notice on the site: in this manner you will be constantly informed about the impact of the processing activities on your personal data. 

Therefore, we invite you to regularly check back and review this policy to always know what information we collect, how we use it and with whom we share it.


Q: Who is responsible for taking care of my data?

A: Since SAI S.p.a. determines the means and purposes for processing your personal data, this company is the Data Controller and you can contact them using the contact details set out in the section "How can I contact the Data Controller or handle my complaints?".

We still inform you that although SAI S.p.a. is mainly responsible for taking care of the information about you, it is likely that this information is made available to and handled by dedicated staff, as explained in the section "Who will you share my data with?"

Q: When do you collect my data?

A: SAI S.p.a. will collect from you information directly provided:

  • When you perform the login to the web site's reserved area;
  • When you look for our catalogue or request the activation of the newsletter service;
  • When you submit to us your application using the form on the website;
  • When you have questions about our products or tips to be submitted and you will use the relevant sections.

Q: What data will you process?

A: When you surf the net, you use the services or make purchases on the SAI S.p.a. website, the following categories of data may be processed:

  • Information that you provide by filling in the contact forms on the web site: These include the information entered when accessing the site or in the case of subscription to the newsletter service;
  • Data that we may request as a result of any request for information regarding our catalogues or if you submit any question or problem to us: in these cases we may keep track of that correspondence;
  • Data that you may be required if you submit your application to us in relation to an open job position at the company;
  • Data concerning website navigation, including but not limited to data concerning the localization, weblog and other communication data for any billing purposes or about the resources you have access to through the device.

As for the cookies please refer to the Cookie Policy.

Q: What purposes will you use my data for and on what legal basis?

  1. A: Your personal information will be used to:
    1. Allow site browsing;
    2. Allow your access to the site;
    3. Ensure adequate support in relation to your needs or requests;
    4. Enable you to submit your application in relation to job openings at the Company;
    5. Comply with requests from public and governmental authorities.

    The purposes referred to in points a), b), c), d), e) above are together referred to as "Mandatory Purposes” and therefore the transfer of your data is  necessary.

    Exclusively through your prior consent:

    1. Your data could be used to conduct market surveys in order to improve the experience and quality of services offered;
    2. You will be sent the newsletter and commercial communications of SAI S.p.a.by appropriate means of communication (such as e-mail or direct mail, SMS or telephone calls), regarding the products and services offered, special events or promotion of dedicated offers;
    3. A profile based on your preferences or your needs may be created to send you personalized commercial communications about the products you have requested or may of interest to you.

    The purposes referred to in points f), g) and h) are together referred to as "Marketing Purposes” and therefore the transfer of your data is optional.

  2. In order to make sure that your personal data are processed for the purposes stated in this Section, we inform you that: 
    • The Mandatory Purposes are such because they are necessary for the registration, use and supply of services offered by the website; therefore, if you intend not to provide your personal information for these purposes, you cannot register to the site and therefore you can not use the services offered by SAI S.p.a.;
    • The Marketing Purposes are discretionary, but failure to provide consent to their execution makes it impossible for SAI S.p.a.to provide you with commercial communications based on your interests. At any time you can still revoke the consent given previously for these purposes by sending notice to the email address indicated in the section "How can I contact the Data Controller or handle my complaints? or in the case of the newsletter, you can request removal from service by following the link at the bottom of each message.
  3. With reference to the purposes indicated in point 1, the legal base used is as follows: 
    • As for the data concerning site navigation (point a),  the legitimate interest of SAI S.p.a.;
    • To access and use an e-commerce platform (point b),  the fulfilment of contractual services;
    • To request information and support (point c), the performance of the service you have requested;
    • To submit applications concerning job openings at the company (point d), the execution of a pre-contractual measure;
    • For orders coming from the Authority (point e), the fulfilment of a legal obligation;
    • For marketing purposes (points f), g) and h)), and for the newsletter, your free and informed consent

Q: Who will you share my data with?

A:In respect of the purposes referred to in the previous section, the staff of SAI S.p.a. may be tasked to process your data, in order to provide the services, information or support required.

Therefore, access to your personal information will be expressly authorized by the Data Controller, which, if necessary, may appoint such data processing supervisors in accordance with Articles 28 and 29 of GDPR.

We also remind you that the list of authorized entities and data supervisors is available at the registered office of the Data Controller, or alternatively, you can request it using the details in the section "How can I contact the Data Controller or handle my complaints?".

Q: How will you process my data?

A:Your personal data will be processed using electronic means for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes set out with the collection.

SAI S.p.a. will adopt the technical and organizational measures necessary to prevent the loss, misuse or incorrect use of data, and to prevent any form of unauthorized access by third parties.

Therefore, SAI S.p.a. will ensure the safety of your personal information, limiting the number of subjects that will be allowed to access servers or databases, and putting in place protection systems to avoid the risk of cyber attacks.

Q: How long will you store my data?

A:SAI S.p.a. will process your personal data for the time reasonably necessary to only achieve the purposes listed above, available at the Section “What purposes will you use my data for and on what legal basis?".

At the end of the retention period, your personal data will be erased or made irreversibly anonymous and aggregated.

Q: What are my rights and how can I protect my privacy?

A: In relation to your personal information and in accordance with the provisions of GDPR, SAI S.p.a. informs you that you have the right to ask:

  • access to your data;
  • the adjustment of any error existing in our database related to your data;
  • the deletion of your data when they are held in the absence of legal requirements;
  • your data processing restriction;
  • data portability.

The following table will show in detail how to exercise the rights entitled to you:




By sending an email to , you can:

  • Ask for confirmation on a possible processing regarding your personal data;
  • Get a copy of your data;
  • Ask for further information about your personal data that is not already present in this policy.


By sending an email to , you can ask for the adjustment of inaccurate or incomplete personal data.

Before performing the adjustment, we will verify the accuracy of the data in our archives.


Right to erasure

By sending an email to , you can request the deletion of your personal information, but only if:

  • Their permanence is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected;
  • You denied your consent previously given (where the processing is based on consent);
  • The processing has been carried out in an illegitimate manner;
  • it is needed to comply with a legal obligation to which SAI S.p.a.is subjected (in relation to an order coming from an Authority).


By sending an e-mail to , you can request to restrict your personal data, but only if:

  • Their accuracy has already been challenged;
  • They are not necessary any more for the purposes for which they were collected, but a legal challenge regarding their use is in progress;

Following a restriction request of yours, the use of your personal information is however allowed when:

  • Your consent is still confirmed;
  • it is needed to exert or resist legal action;
  • To protect the rights of another natural or legal person involved in the treatment.


By sending an email to , you can request a copy of your personal data in a structured, readable and commonly used format.

You can exercise the aforementioned rights through the procedures indicated in the next section.

SAI S.p.A. guarantees that each request regarding your rights will be answered within thirty days of its receipt.

If you believe that the processing performed by SAI S.p.a. is illegal or involves a blatant violation of the GDPR requirements, you have the right to file a complaint to the relevant supervisory authorities (for Italy the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data).Further details are provided in the following section.

Q: How can I contact the Data Controller or handle my complaints?

A:You can contact the Data Controller by sending a message to the following addresses:

SAI S.P.A.(Tax code / VAT no. 00162940365), with registered office in Modena, Via Olanda n. 51 - Postal Code 41122, e-mail: , tel., fax

You also have the right to submit a complaint to the National Authority supervising the protection of personal data, if you consider that the processing performed by SAI S.p.a. does not meet the requirements of the European Regulation no. 679/2016.In Italy, the competent authority is the Authority for the protection of personal data, whose contact details are available at http://www.garanteprivacy.it/. Furthermore, if there are grounds provided for by Articles 78 and 79 of GDPR, you have the right to bring an action before the competent court. 

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