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SAI Hydraulic Motors, half a century of activity remembered with a great anniversary

The celebrations for the significant achievement developed during three whole days in three different locations with guests from all company subsidiaries in the world

SAI Hydraulic Motors, the group from Modena specialized in the design, manufacturing and distribution of crankshaft design radial piston hydraulic motors, celebrated fifty years of activity. A history of innovation and internationalization and entrepreneurial spirit of tireless enthusiasm and open-mindedness to the global economy evolution that have allowed to reach this business milestone celebrated together with employees, foreign partners, co-workers and friends from all over the world.

The celebrations involved three different days and three different locations. Inside the headquarters in Via Olanda it was held the Corporate Meeting during which the company celebrated the achievements of its half-century history. At the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, was held the gala and the awards ceremony in honor of the efforts and results achieved by the shareholders, partners, managers and all employees of the companies that in these years went along the group and its growth in the global markets. The awards, handcrafted and created specifically for the event, were made by the an artist from Modena Mr. Carlo Baldessari, author of illuminated glass sculptures that release their light through the glass trick of lights. In the end, the SAI stand at the EIMA exhibition, international fair of agriculture and gardening machines, where SAI was able to showcase its most innovative products and avant-guard technologies that are driving the commercial development of the company.

For the occasion in Modena guests were participating from each of the 9 branches around the world. The celebrations for the fiftieth anniversary of the group's activities was also the perfect opportunity to visit production facilities and view the recent investments in machine tools, innovative test benches and test-stand of the Technology Development Center, Design Departments and headquarter offices from which are set in motion and are running the commercial and development strategies.

In Modena, SAI Hydraulic Motors Group has two production plants, ASPA in Villavara di Bomporto and OLIO in Selva di Serramazzoni, in addition to the headquarter located in the industrial district of Modena North and the Technology Development Center of Via Olanda in Modena. Abroad, there are six production plants which includes China, India and the United States. SAI production in China goes back to 1991, when the group in Modena invested in a joint venture for the production of hydraulic motors. A few years later, in 1993, the company established a second joint venture for the production of hydraulic motors of different technology and accessories such as brakes and gears. Still in 1991, two years after the establishment of the Indian subsidiary - which goes back exactly to 1989 - was inaugurated the Indian manufacturing facility in Bangalore, the third in Asia. In 2005 the production plant in Shanghai was launched, which also acts as headquarter and coordinating center of all activities on the Chinese territory. In 2011, SAI started the production in the United States. On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the subsidiary in the US, founded in 1981, SAI USA started the production of hydraulic motors. Though they have a common technology platform developed and validated at the research center R&D of Modena, they present commercial characteristics, application standards and sizing with specific features customized for the US market. The SAI group counts today 300 employees, of which about one-third is in the province of Modena.

Despite the challenges related to the market trends and the various situations of political or economic crisis that characterized the current year, 2014 will end in a positive way, in line with the company development plans. The group recorded a consolidated turnover of around 45 million Euros, 95% achieved in the international markets, with a product destination in over 80 countries.

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